Tick-Off is a tick agent for dogs, cats, and humans, effectively removing ticks of all sizes. The tick tweezers have an ergonomic handle.

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🪳 EFFECTIVE – safe and immediate tick removal for people of all ages as well as for dogs, cats, and horses. Designed according to official EU recommendations. No chemicals. No Creams


🪳 CURVED HOOKS IN 2 SIZES – The Curved Hooks offer easy tick removal with precision in two sizes for big and small ticks. This ensures a quick and effective tick removal.


🪳 PRACTICAL AND REUSABLE – Thanks to the sleek design and the keyhole, you can take your tick off anywhere to always have your tick tweezers at hand.


🪳 EFFECTIVE PRESS AROUND THE TICK – Place the hook under the tick and as close to the skin as possible. Pull up tick-off with even pressure.

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