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Bug Bite Thing Europe is a Danish healthcare company located close to Copenhagen. We’re the proud creators of the products known as Bug Bite Thing® and Tick-Off®.

But our journey did not start with the name Bug Bite Thing® – It all began more than 30 years ago with our product called “Giftsuger” or “Poison Extractor, also known to some as the Sting Xtractor. After many years of providing bug bite and sting relief to the world, it started to really capture the attention globally.

Nearly three decades after the launch of “Giftsuger” it underwent a transformation, receiving a new name and a vibrant identity as “Bug Bite Thing”. In 2019, Bug Bite Thing® made a notable appearance on the hit American business reality TV series, Shark Tank, leaving the sharks captivated!

With more than 100,000 positive reviews on Amazon and a retail network stretching all around the world, we have made it possible for anyone, regardless of where they live, to get access to an affordable and effective bug bite and sting treatment.

Bug Bite Thing presented in Shark Tank
Bug Bite Thing used on arm to suck out mosquito bite

Bug Bite Thing Europe

For three decades we have been working closely with pharmacies and other retailers to provide our Bug Bite Thing® to anyone in need of first aid treatment from bug bites and stings. Over the years, we’ve established ourselves as the go-to eco-friendly solution for bug bite and sting relief, becoming one of the most recognized brands in this field.

We take our responsibility to contribute to a sustainable future seriously which is why we continue to innovate with sustainability as a cornerstone throughout our company. All our products are made of reusable materials and our packaging has been upgraded to cardboard boxes instead of plastic blisters.

We are proud to be able to develop and manufacture all Bug Bite Thing® suction tools and Tick-Off® tick remover close to our location reducing the need for extra transportation.

With the introduction of Tick-Off® as our newest family member, it was time to buzz even higher and transform us into a Bug Bite Family, and have expanded our devotion to providing first-aid relief of bug bites and stings, both for people and their furry pet-companions.

Bug Bite Thing

In 2015, Bug Bite Thing® caught the attention of a passionate ‘Mom on a mission’ from the USA. She was captivated by the tool’s effectiveness and was determined to provide bug bite relief for families in the USA. 

In 2019, Bug Bite Thing® made a noteworthy appearance on the American business reality TV show, Shark Tank. The pitch was met with great enthusiasm, receiving offers from all the investors. With millions of viewers tuned in, Bug Bite Thing’s popularity soared even higher.

And once again, we’re ready to make an impact in the world with our latest tick remover innovation, offering a better solution to an age-old health problem for both humans and now also for pets.

Bug Bite Thing Europe certificate and award for Best company - and gazella award
Yellow jacket on side of metal container

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Join our thriving community of thousands of satisfied users to stay up-to-date on product launches, giveaways, and much more!