Save up to 40% on Bug Bite Thing

Save up to 40%

Summer is coming, and we’re celebrating at BugBiteFamily with a great sale!
Save up to 40% on our popular products Bug Bite Thing® and Tick-off®.

The Offer is valid till 31st July.

Bug Bite Family

Natural Insect Bite Treatment for Everyone!
No Chemicals! Instant Relief and 100% Reusable!

Tick-off - Blue - Product
White Bug Bite Thing Product

No chemicals

Kids friendly

Clinically tested


Instant relief

First Aid Device


Bug Bite Thing®

Bug Bite Thing



What is Bug Bite Thing®

Are you tired of bug bites ruining your day and are you ready to say goodbye to itching, swelling, and discomfort?

Learn more about Bug Bite Thing® and get ready to join the Bug Bite Family and see how Bug Bite Thing works and why it has become a global bestseller.

Bug Bite Thing in use on a finger, to extract poison from mosquito, wasps and other insects

Recent awards

What is Tick-Off®

Not only are Ticks a big problem all around the world, but they can also be difficult to get rid of. This is why Tick-Off® has emerged and with its simple yet effective design, it is a brilliant way to remove ticks from both you and your loving pets. 

Tick-off used on arm

Our Story

- Read about our bug bite family journey

We’re the creators of Bug Bite Thing® and Tick-Off®, and we provide effective bug bite and sting relief.

Our journey started more than 30 years ago with ‘Giftsuger,’ now known as Bug Bite Thing®, which gained global attention in 2019, where Bug Bite Thing® amazed the sharks in Shark Tank and reached millions of people behind the screens.

With more than 100,000+ combined Amazon reviews and a global retail presence, we ensure affordable relief for all.

Now, as the Bug Bite Family, we’re on a mission to make bug bites and stings a thing of the past, for both you and your furry friends. Our latest tick remover is here to brighten your day and ease some of your concerns.

Bug Bite Thing presented in Shark Tank

This is what our customers says!

Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith
New design is more difficult to use I liked the original I used to have better where this piece doesn’t pop off so easily when trying to use
Glori a J
Glori a J
Relieves Itching Instantly This is a wonderful product. It is easy to use and relieves the itchiness of a bug bite or a thing that itches quickly. I use it often with success.
It actually works It's simple and works for any kind of bug bite! Add this to your camping gear, especially if you have kids.
Cleaning lady lost it, I immediately bought new one This product works! It disappeared after the cleaning lady was at our house (probably fell into a trash bag) and given how the mosquitos attack, it was important to get a replacement asap. After looking all over for the old one and not being able to find it, ordered the 3 pack because Amazon said it would arrive by 8am the next morning and it arrived. Whew! Really good product and totally worth it.
Works like magic. Easy to use, calms the itch almost right away.

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Join our thriving community of thousands of satisfied users to stay up-to-date on product launches, giveaways, and much more!