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Tick-Off is a tick agent for dogs, cats, and humans, effectively removing ticks of all sizes. The tick tweezers have an ergonomic handle.


An easy-to-use suction device that painlessly and effectively removes insect saliva or venom from under the skin. It eliminates the itching, tingling and swelling caused by an insect bite.

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🐝 NATURALLY SOOTHING – No creams or chemicals needed. The Bug Bite Thing® naturally relieves pain, itching and swelling due to insect bites. For best results, use immediately after the bite


🐝 EASILY CLEANED DOUBLE-SIDED CAP – Flip the tip to treat smaller areas such as fingers or toes. Wash the removable tip between uses with soapy water or a cloth dampened with alcohol. Avoid getting the rest of the device wet to prevent losing the suction mechanism.


🐝 MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS – Suitable for mosquitoes, bees, wasps, ants and other insects that sting and leave an irritant substance (saliva or venom) under the skin. Can also be used to remove splinters, thorns or bee spikes! (In case of allergic reaction or severe stinging, consult a doctor immediately).



🪳 EFFECTIVE – safe and immediate tick removal for people of all ages as well as for dogs, cats, and horses. Designed according to official EU recommendations. No chemicals. No Creams


🪳 CURVED HOOKS IN 2 SIZES – The Curved Hooks offer easy tick removal with precision in two sizes for big and small ticks. This ensures a quick and effective tick removal.


🪳 PRACTICAL AND REUSABLE – Thanks to the sleek design and the keyhole, you can take your tick off anywhere to always have your tick tweezers at hand.


🪳 EFFECTIVE PRESS AROUND THE TICK – Place the hook under the tick and as close to the skin as possible. Pull up tick-off with even pressure.

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