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Bug Bite Thing in Pharmacies

Increase sales and customer satisfaction

At Bug Bite Thing, we recognize the growing demand for effective insect bite solutions among pharmacy customers. Partner with us to bring Bug Bite Thing to your shelves and meet the needs of health-conscious consumers.

Bug Bite thing is a medical device and is CE-approved under EU MDR regulation 2017/745.

Key Benefits:
  • Proven Solution for fast relief from Insect Bites
  • Fast moving product
  • Known from TV and Social Media
  • Enhances Your Product Diversity
  • No chemical – Eco-conscious solution
  • Generates Additional Sales Opportunities


Feature Highlights:
  • Compact Packaging for Easy Display
  • Ideal for Impulse Purchases
  • High Satisfaction after purchase
  • Medical Device and Clinical tested
  • Fast moving product

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